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Ed Echt

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"Creating self-employment opportunities is not easy, and it is quite scary, especially for some of us who have enjoyed cushioned jobs, good pay and great benefits. However, it seems that there are no jobs that are secure forever and people find themselves in a crossroad; to look for another job or to start a business. The same happened to me. My coach from The Entrepreneur Source clearly displayed the difference in lifestyle and overall benefits of self-employment that motivated me to ask him to be my coach during the transition.  His coaching approach and execution was exactly what I needed. I have learned a lot about business startup and franchising and most of my fears were removed after real life examples and solutions were presented to me. He made my transition a lot more fun and less stressful than if I tried to go through it on my own."  G.M.


"What impressed me most was the complete absence or pressure with which you approach your clients.  You are a great coach and frankly mentor...This is a rare touch of style and true class, and speaks well of you Ed and TES as an organization.  I will send any associates interested in exploring business ownership your way with dispatch."  M.P.

"Transitioning from a 26 year life working for Corporate America to owning your own business is not an easy process.  You probably have been thinking about this for a very long time as it was my case, but having the courage to actually do it is a different story.  When the opportunity knocked on my door and I decided to take the leap, I had the fortune to meet my coach and  with his coaching and mentoring advice through the decision making process.  My coaches' experience, structured approach and genuine interest, helped me rationalize this process by narrowing down my spectrum of alternatives to those that better fit my interests and aptitudes and provided me with a structure to analyze and evaluate those alternatives objectively."  J.V.


Ed, You helped us focus and provided the direction of where we were going and wanted to be in the future.  Your choices of opportunities were very much in line with our goals.  We would highly recommend you."  A.M.


"Anyone desiring to own a business would be wise to use The Entrepreneur's Source.  Ed, on both a professional and personal level, I really appreciated the time that the two of us were able to spend together during our conference times.  I certainly learned a lot about the unique aspects of franchising, business financing, business ownership and most of all how to survive without Corporate America...I have no doubt that this process would not have been the success it was without your assistance."  N.S.

"My coach helped me through the Validation phase where I got to learn about my business options first hand. He taught me how to evaluate their ongoing operations through a series of guided phone interviews with existing business owners and ultimately helped walk me through the negotiation phase with the business that I had selected. I am on my way to what I know will be a successful enterprise. My goal is to build this business into multiple sites and into a very successful business. I couldn’t have done it without my coach or the Entrepreneur’s Source."   J.J.

"I first met my coach when I was in transition after a long corporate career and considering the start of my own business. My coach brought with him a great amount of business knowledge and experience, which enables him to easily coach others. Throughout the process of considering a franchise he was always encouraging, thoughtful, thorough and patient. He kept the process moving forward, has a good sense of urgency, and even keeps things light with a great sense of humor!"  A.H.

"The TES Experience was awesome!  Through ongoing interviews and exercises you were able to understand my goals and competencies.  Throughout the process you were there as a coach, reminding me of my objectives and keeping me focused.  At no time did you try to sell or convince me into a franchise."  L.C.


"My experience in working with you exceeded my expectations.  You are the consummate professional and were available for guidance whenever needed.  Thank you, I have learned valuable information i.e. search and research carefully.  Do no make emotional decisions.  Ed, you are the best place to start."  L.W.

"The Entrepreneur's Source process is thought provoking, positive and effective. Contact Ed Echt of the Entrepreneur's Source."   J.D.